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This is how you learn you love your new dog


I have to say I wasn’t sure about adopting a new pet… especifically a new dog, after what happened with the others I wasn’t so sure it was the smart decision to try again and maybe scar another pet for life, yet we still did it.

First week we tried to be good parents, right? so first things first… we took him to his first visit to the VET. This is necesary when you don’t have reliable sources of the vaccines and care he’s received for the couple months he’s been around and we weren’t sure…

We were right.

We brought Diesel home on the 4th and after his vaccine he got seriously sick on the 8th, aparently he already had the parvovirus inside and the vaccine only got him worse faster… lots of vomit and diarrhea, hospitalized on the 11th and he spent there like 9 days mostly asleep because he couldn’t wake up without vomiting or pooping too much… we were heart broken.

Our VET had told us we had a 50/50 chance… the thing is this virus is deadly IF it gets to the heart (it attacks live muscle like the intestins or the heart) so it was more luck than anything cause else it was all about the strengh and desire to live the dog had, we just hoped the few days he had spent with us were enough for him to wish to live and continue to live with us… so we visited him, talked to him, pet him through a cage… he could barely move his tail to wag when he heard us… so asleep he was yet he tried with all his might, we were touched to the deepest level by his sweetness.

I was doubtful at first when we got him… I didn’t want to get attached and lose again… yet the moment the VET told us about the 50/50 chance I was already in love with that bundle of fur… seeing him wagging his tale, barely awake to only do so… gave me the courage to let myself love the damn dog and encorage him to come back to us.

And so… after the most depressing birthday ever… he came back home with us on the 20th… I was happy beyond words…  I swore he would never have to sleep on a cage ever.

He weighted 16.4 pounds when we got him.

He weighted 9 to 10 pounds when he came back home to us

I can’t say I had to go through all this ordeal to love Diesel… but it definitely renewed my desire to raise him and take care of him.

There is no step by step to succesfully and tearlesly go in an out of this sort of situations… when you get a pet you also get the possibility of an early death… and the knowledge of his eventual death in a few years… slow or fast, the moment comes and even thought there are book about it, when you love you’re never ready to say goodbye and you’re never okey to see them go, you can only hope for the best.

To others living with a sick pet or a dying one… there’s only loving the fleebag you adopted into your family and nothing else should be there but love.


This is Diesel, 3 months old… a week after coming back home with us.

My advice, check your pet completely if your not sure about where he comes from and take your visits to the VET seriously… it could be a matter of life and death.

Also learn the signs of common illnesses… I felt something was wrong I smelled the metalic scent of blood in his poop, there was no sign of it but I could smell it and I knew in my gut something was HORRIBLY wrong. I would like to say my motherly instinc helped me but it was my human knowledge of life that helped me, I know the scent of blood because I am a woman used to having it once a month and I know male dogs don’t bleed once a month. Common knowledge can be useful and if you learn other simple sign for dog diseases it will be easier.


This is how it all started

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Rebeca who lived in the beautiful city of Lima in Peru… she basically was like any other girl; loved to play, read, watch cartoons and above many things she loved animals above most of them she loved cats.

Well, what can I tell you… a lot of things changed from there. I grew up, I moved to Guatemala and I’ve had a few pets.

In the begining my parents wouldn’t let us have animals cause of course we were 5 kids, they didn’t have the money or energy to take care of another hiperactive creature, right? So I didn’t had any until I was 14, she came around like it was meant to be. Because a friend in school couldn’t keep it we ended up taking care of a young little kitten; we named her Merlina and she quickly became part of the family.

She died little after I turned 15 and my father of course swore we would never have another pet again… this changed when he tried adopting a young male cat… saddly this didn’t work but one day, during my last year in school, my sister and I found a little puppy, barely 3 months old in a local internet cafe; the owners of the cafe were selling them so cheap we run back to talk to our mother and begged her to let us buy the puppy, she went with us and we brough it home with us… we named him Chomper and he stayed with us until we lost him to a monster of a vet who dared take advantage of our trust and sold it while we were on a trip in Peru, we had let Chomper with him to be taken care of yet he…. it was so painful we didn’t had any other pet for a long time.

I remember I was already in college, maybe 2nd year when a cat jumped on my mother’s balcony and was trapped there, meowling afraid not knowing what to do and I couldn’t help but… help, so I opened and closed doors showing her the way to the garage where I left her a moment before I came back from the kitchen with a hotdog, I opened the door and left the hotdog in front of it on the floor… I remember she went out, inspected the place and after realizing she was safe she came back and inspected me, I was sitting at a comfortable distance waiting for her with my hands in front of me, it was only a matter of time and soon enough she was eating the hot dog and that was a start to something beautiful… and no, she didn’t become pet number 4… instead I let her walk away and come back whenever she wanted food or a place to crash, somehow she understood and this gave me the liberty to have a “pet” without having to ask my parents for permission or having to deal with the idea of losing her not to mention I was blessed with taking care of not only her but her babies too, I named her Misses Neko and her babies were Koneko, Koneko-chan and Milkshake, Panfilo, Kabuki and of the last birth I was able to take care of only one; Anshin.



But there was only one… who was special, his name was Milkshake… I took care of him and his sister almost since birth but it wasn’t until he was around a year old that I adopted him as my new baby and he moved to live under our roof with the blessing of my mother and father who already liked the cat and he lived with us until May this year when he went to Peru with my parents and a few months later died then, he was around 5 years old and had lived happy and fully.


At the same time Milkshake was brough to our family another member joined, a puppy, Cocker mini we named Pituca, she grew up to quite obnoxious and annoying… she’s still alive and kicking, living in Peru with my parents and siblings.


And 3 years after they came into our family my then boyfriend and I adopted a little puppy, an American Akita we named Yukiko, she lived with him until I married him and moved in with him and Yukiko… a couple months after we had to give her away because we didn’t have the time to take care of her, to educate her and give her the attention she needed, she was becoming violent with other dogs out of jelousy and lack of entertaiment so in the end we gave her away for good… I broke my right foot a couple weeks after that in an accident, lost my job, lost my family who went back to Peru, my baby Milkshake too… so I was pretty much destroyed… depressed and all that. IMG0393A

This is when things changed to a different route… I had never taken care of a puppy dog myself… I had always being guided by my mother and father and worked along with my siblings so it was new to considere adopting another dog, this time we decided to adopt a particular raze, we actually read and prepared ourselves to educate that particular raze; Samoyed… yet it wasn’t destined… instead we couldn’t find any samies and while taking a walk we found Diesel.

A 3 months old Siberian Husky, black and white with brown eyes, one with a light blue spot who in difference to other who would cower in fear he wagged his tail like crazy and begun liking my husband’s face, then when he gave the dog to me Diesel begun liking my face… let’s just say we clicked. Like in a romantic relationship we simply had a special kind of chemistry with this pup and instead of buying a samie like we had planned we got the money and adopted this little bundle of energy and brough it home… it had started, another new beginning with licks and tails and toys and doggy food…

This is how it all started.

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